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ABC Women's Self-Defense International and the Mahendra Singh Foundation join together for a strategic partnership!


ABC is partnering with the Mahendra Singh Foundation to bring our fun, exciting, and critically-acclaimed program to women around the world!


The Mahendra Singh Foundation (MSF) helps victims of physical and sexual abuse, acid attacks, rape, and domestic violence in rebuilding their confidence and strength on their journey to becoming survivors. MSF spreads awareness and mobilizes community resources to provide counseling, training, medical care, and career guidance to survivors in rebuilding their lives. Founded in 2015 by MoniCa Singh and Nikhil Singh, the non-profit foundation gets its name from their father, the late Mahendra Singh who devoted his life to helping others and stood tall and strong when his daughter was burned with acid, giving her the courage to go on and pursue her goals and dreams. His unwavering support and desire to help those in need are the legacies that will continue with this foundation.

MoniCa Singh is an International Violence Against Women’s Activist, a Youth Ambassador of UN Women, and a Speaker at the United Nations. Ms. Singh is known for being the Face of Resilience after being the victim of an acid attack decades ago. She is a Parsons’ School of Design Graduate in Marketing and holds a degree in Education from India.


The MSF works internationally to help reignite survivors’ passion for life and rebuild a stronger and more confident sense of self on the road to recovery and help them find their strength so they may realize their potential. The Mahendra Singh Foundations works with the United Nations, International Girls' Day, International Women's Day, and many other organizations around the world in support of women everywhere.

ABC Women's Self-Defense is excited and honored to support and partner with this amazing organization!

For more information about the Mahendra Singh Foundation and the amazing work they do, visit their website at

Mahendra Singh
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